We are a dedicated team of hair and beauty enthusiasts, passionately practicing our craft. We are committed to making your experience one that leaves you feeling fabulous by helping you discover your unique style.


Cecile Washington

OWNER/STYLIST Cecile is the owner and Artistic Director at Washington House Salon. She has grown since the beginning of her career to be one of the most sought after hairstylists in this area.  Cecile is also an Artistic Educator for Pravana. While attending annual trainings in Los Angeles she always brings back the latest in hairstyling trends! She has always had a strong passion for the hair and beauty industry. Her outgoing personality and slick sense of humor combined with her professionalism keep her clients coming back! Having a true love for the arts Cecile realized how creative she could be with colour and has since become a colour master. 

Cecile books weeks in advance so be sure to call a month or two in advance if you are looking to get in with her!

Natalie Jennings

STYLIST Natalie started working with Cecile at the age of 15 and has emerged in to an amazing young stylist! 

Natalie is best known for her artistic vision and attention to detail. She is always striving to stay on top of the latest trends as they emerge. Natalie is guaranteed to create an individualized look that best suits your life style.  Natalie takes pride in making her clients feel welcome and appreciated.  She is dedicated to exceptional personalized care to ensure that her clients visits are always exactly what they need. Natalie feels that the relationship you maintain with your clients is of upmost importance in achieving success as a hair stylist.


Alicia Heyland

STYLIST Alicia has been in a salon setting since the age of 17. She new at a young age that this was the career path for her.  She truly enjoys being able to use her creativity on a daily basis.  Alicia strives for the best in all that she does.  Customer service is of up most importance to her and it shows in her work.  She finds it essential to consider her client’s lifestyle and maintenance desires when designing their new look. 

One of her favourite aspects of her career is that it never gets old or feels like work to her.  Every day is different and she enjoys meeting new people and leaving them feeling confident and beautiful.


Gill Kolkman

STYLIST Gill has been in the beauty industry since 2012 and has a serious passion for hair. She loves using her craft to make her clients feel beautiful and confident. Gill will take the time to understand your needs and your lifestyle to ensure she is able to give you exactly what you're looking for. 

Gill loves continuing education and is constantly striving to be bigger and better.